Exceed Investments Survey Finds Additional Advisor Demand for Structured Investments Provided Inefficiencies Are Addressed

Note in this document, structured investments are synonymous with structured products.  Both refer to the class of products typically issued by banks to retail investors with such customized features as principal protection and leverage.

(New York, June 19, 2014) – In a survey of 700 financial advisors, Exceed Investments found that perceived and structural inefficiencies were holding back latent demand for structured investments with 20 percent of all respondents saying they would sell considerably more structured products if liquidity and transparency were improved.  Furthermore, 20 percent of RIAs said they would like to sell structured products to at least some of their clients but don’t have access to the product.

The survey also explored motivations driving the usage of structured products, finding that 80 percent of respondents cited protection against index declines as the most compelling structured feature.  Along similar lines, 60 percent of active structured product users identified the ability to customize risk/reward tradeoffs as the main driver of their usage.