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Investors generally fear the unknown. Unfortunately, traditional market exposure is full of unknowns – market corrections occur without warning, with no telling how deep a drop or how long it will last. Exceed Investments offers a solution to this uncertainty – a controlled market exposure that mitigates downward surprises, titled defined outcome investing.

Defined outcome strategies use preset protection and return levels to shape a risk / reward exposure to a benchmark like the S&P 500. The strategy is proactive, rather than reactive – protection and return levels are set ahead of time, rather than in reaction to a particular market move.

Historically, these powerful strategies were only available to institutions and high net worth individuals through costly and illiquid instruments offered by banks.  Exceed Investments is changing the investment landscape through providing the first accessible, transparent and liquid defined outcome strategies. Our strategies provide a defined, shaped exposure to the market within such traditional products as indexes, SMAs, and mutual funds. Our customers benefit from a controlled investment experience shaped to their preferred risk / reward exposure.

With this understanding, we are adjusting certain elements of our brand. Gone is the word “structured”, which is a vestige of the old Wall Street approach and doesn’t fully explain what we offer. In place we use the word “defined”, which better illustrates our value proposition. Our new tagline is “Define Your Outcome”, as our solutions provide investors the opportunity to define investment outcomes that work for them through pre-set risk / reward exposures.

We welcome you to further explore our defined outcome solutions. Please visit our website at and subscribe for future updates here.

Note that our Nasdaq-branded index family and associated products have adopted the term “Defined”:

Nasdaq Exceed Structured Protection Index   >     Nasdaq Exceed Defined Protection Index (EXPROT)

Nasdaq Exceed Structured Hedged Index       >     Nasdaq Exceed Defined Hedge Index (EXHEDG)

Nasdaq Exceed Structured Enhanced Index   >     Nasdaq Exceed Defined Enhancement Index (EXENHA)

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