Exceed Announces Launch of Innovative Structured Indexes in Partnership with Nasdaq

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As a Deconstructed Notes follower, you probably know my take on structured investing – the beauty lies in the limitless tailoring that can be applied to meet investor needs. On the flip side, the industry as it stands today is tainted with real and perceived issues, such as concentrated credit risk and concerns surrounding liquidity, transparency and cost.

The goal of my firm, Exceed Investments, is to develop next generation structured investments and strategies that offer the defined outcome benefits of structured notes while mitigating the issues they present to investors.

Today Exceed has announced the launch of a family of structured indexes in partnership with Nasdaq OMX. They are the first indexes of their kind, offering the benefits of defined outcomes within an index methodology. The Nasdaq Exceed family of Structured Indexes offer investors a controlled range of investment outcomes, all based on specific levels of protection and/or enhanced return that investors can select.

The indexes will deliver a level of standardization to the industry that will serve as an important foundation for further growth. I am truly excited to see what I hope are far reaching and positive outcomes for the structured investing space.

Please take a look at what we have developed at the Exceed website and feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.

Note that going forward, Deconstructed Notes will now be housed within the Exceed website. The content and goals of the blog will remain the same – to educate readers on structured investing, ‘deconstruct’ interesting notes, and shine light where it is required.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal and growing readership base, particularly those of you who have provided topic suggestions and feedback, along with those that have rebroadcast our thoughts further. I look forward to bringing more thought provoking blog posts in the future!


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