Exceed Investments Redefines the Future of Risk and Return with the Launch of the Exceed Structured Shield Index Strategy Fund

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(New York, April 14, 2015) – Exceed Investments announced today the launch of its new mutual fund which is designed to provide increased control for advisors with specific levels of participation and downside protection.

  • The Exceed Structured Shield Index Strategy Fund seeks to track the performance of the Nasdaq Exceed Structured Protection Index (EXPROT).
  • The Fund focuses on a clearly defined conservative exposure to the S&P 500 (Tickers: SHIEX, SHIIX).
  • The Fund seeks to provide a risk/reward profile, in which the risks of an investment are, in the Advisor’s opinion, somewhat limited, as are the potential rewards.
  • Regular rebalancing of the underlying assets in the EXPROT Index is intended to assist with the Fund’s defined risk/return exposure over time.

For further information please see our press release.

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