Index 6 Month Update

The Nasdaq Exceed Indexes continue to demonstrate superior risk-adjusted performance relative to the S&P 500.  Since launch in September 2014, the indexes have demonstrated the same outperformance they exhibited in historical back-testing.  

The Nasdaq Exceed Indexes offer low volatility and strong risk adjusted performance vs. the S&P 500

6 month update

The Nasdaq Exceed Protection Index vs. the S&P 500

EXPROT participates in up markets and outperform in down markets.  The chart below demonstrates back-tested performance from 2002 though 2014.  Notice the relatively smooth ride compared with the S&P 500 performance – in particular, from peak (10/9/2007) to trough (3/9/2009), the S&P 500 lost over 55% while EXPROT lost 14.80%.

Mountain chart 6 month index

Note: Performance of the index is net of assumed fees but does not include potential tracking error such as execution etc.
Source: Ivolatility.com; Exceed Research