Deconstructed Notes is a new blog aimed at shedding light on the most promising – and often the most baffling – segment of today’s investment landscape: structured notes.

The beauty of the industry is that there is no limit to what can be tailored to meet investor needs.  On the flip side, the industry is tainted with negative perceptions related to lack of transparency and detrimental products.

Deconstructed Notes is an effort to bring transparency and clarity to this area of the market through the exploration of fundamental concepts and particular notes that have unique structures, appear overly complex, or have some noteworthy feature indicating a market trend.  After working in the financial industry for close to 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to trade, structure, and analyze numerous interesting products and structures – from simple tracker products to extremely complex trades necessitating their own code to value.  I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise in analyzing notes to bring some transparency, education and analysis to readers through my musings.

Deconstructed Notes will be that much better with your participation – I welcome your suggestions, follow-up questions and vigorous debate.  In addition, please forward interesting structured notes, trades, or strategies you come across that you would like me to deconstruct.  I will moderate comments, but only to keep out the sarcastic, profane, and inane.

About the author
Over a 20 year financial services career, Joe Halpern has structured, priced and traded billions of dollars in structured products, exotic derivatives and listed vanilla options.  Additionally, Joe Halpern has managed trading groups, supervised risk management and participated in executive level, firm-wide strategic initiatives for several leading financial institutions.  In 2012, Joe Halpern founded Exceed Investments, an investment company focused on developing next-generation structured investments.

Joe Halpern can be reached at

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