Webinar Replay: Is Beta Misleading?

Please join Joe Halpern, Founder and CEO of Exceed Investments, as he explores how Beta can go wrong and when Delta, a measurement used in options, may be a more useful tool.  Both Beta and Delta are measurements of expected movement relative to a reference security.  This, however, is where the similarities end…

Delta Beta Chart New 1ADelta Beta Chart New 1B

Webinar Key Takeaways 

  • How Beta can go wrong
  • An introduction to Delta and how it can be used to effectively measure exposure
  • How to take advantage of options and Delta to provide a defined exposure

Note this webinar touches upon material from our blog post on Beta vs. Delta.  Read the blog post here.

Joseph Halpern, Founder, CEO

As CEO of Exceed Investments, Mr. Halpern is responsible for setting and managing the overall direction of the firm. Mr. Halpern founded Exceed in 2013 to offer structured investments with a level of standardization and efficiency unavailable in the market today.  Over a 20 year financial career, Mr. Halpern has structured, priced and traded billions of dollars in structured products, exotic derivatives and listed vanilla options in addition to managing trading groups, supervising risk management and participating in executive-level strategic initiatives.  Read more.