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Mr. Halpern delivered a presentation titled “Product and Portfolio Design With an Eye Towards the Investor Psycheat the April 28th South Florida Financial Planning Association conference.

Presentation overview follows:

While the wealth management industry has embraced the tremendous gains made in understanding behavioral finance over the last few decades, application has been uneven.

Advisors are tasked with applying behavioral finance in shepherding clients through asset growth and into retirement – a task filled with emotional apprehension and natural ups and downs both via the market and individual personal experiences through life. Product issuers have not done all they could to make this process a smooth one.

While there is more flexibility than ever in regards the market strategies available in creating market exposure, the complexity and lack of tangible risk/reward payoffs in many current products are at odds with hardwired investor preferences and fears. In today’s session we will review how behavior drives financial decisions and then discuss strategies and products that may complement, rather than aggravate, investor preferences and tendencies

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